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Fantastic job, Dawna!

I didn’t think I’d like this script – the guy thing, you know – but I DO! 🙂

You’ve made this feel logical, credible, powerful.

I have no major criticisms. In fact, I want to use this as an example in my upcoming webinar!

Congrats! 🙂


Dawna Brown blew me away with a “you don’t get a second chance too often” approach. Nice going CopyStar! 🙂

The letter you wrote filled my event!  And we ended up adding 10 extra seats!

so excited to find a true copywriter (female of course) that came highly recommended.
As the saying goes, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find the princess” – I have been inundated with frogs!  LOL!

Her brilliance, creativity, and marketing savvy make working with her a dream.  With Dawna’s expertise, my clients are enjoying more love and romance in their lives — and I am enjoying more sales than ever!

The analysis you provided, from surveying our client base and agents, was invaluable.  Your facilitation skills were instrumental in getting our staff on the same page with our marketing message.  We’ve begun implementing some of your suggestions and are already seeing real results.   We are well on our way to Being Great!

I loved working with Dawna. She listened to me, knew what I wanted, and provided copy that exceeded my expectations. I found her very easy to work with and full of good ideas. I’ll definitely work with her again.

I’m amazed at Dawna’s creativity, clarity, and expanded vision. She came up with numerous strategies, and provided me with a full action plan.

She gives outrageous personal service and exceptional quality. She brings a difference to the table and is the reason we have loyal customers who won’t go anywhere else!