Copywriting (or writing copy) is the advertising industry’s “official term” for writing to market products, services and ideas. This writing is different from journalism or writing a book because it’s whole purpose is to persuade potential customers (honestly) to buy, read, or sign up for you service. Or to capture interest, appeal to human emotion and get your prospective customer to take a specific action.

Nearly every advertising agency or marketing department hires full-time copywriters or staffs an entire department of copywriters. These copywriters work together with graphic artists and marketing professionals to develop the creative brief. A creative brief  combines of images and words to build brand recognition, establish trust and credibility with consumers, and sell products and services.

Target Market Development: the Prerequisite to Sell Products

Before beginning work on any copy your copywriter needs to know your target market. She’ll ask you to describe your best customer. This is advertising 101 and your copywriter needs this information to know who to write to, to pitch your product.

During the target market brainstorming session, you’ll define your ideal customer. This needs to cover demographics such as age, gender, economic status and location. Then gets into psychographics such as habits, attitudes, values and emotional needs. Once you sort these, you’ll copywriter will know the best approach to reach your perspective customers. This helps your copywriter reach out and make an emotional connection with your readers so you can sell to them over the long term.

Copywriting and the USP

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A couple of short sentences defining what makes your company/product different from and better than your competitors. Some call this the elevator pitch or a simple way to clarify what you do and how it benefits the customer.

The AIDA Method of Writing Copy

A well-known acronym in the world of copywriting known as AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It’s the series of emotions or actions you want the reader to go through with your copy… and the goal of every ad or marketing piece your copywriter writes.