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It’s important to know the people you work with.

Here’s a little about Dawna and Carla.


Dawna Brown has fast become regarded as the voice for Self-Help and Personal Development entrepreneurs as well as the Coaches Copywriter.

After launching her first business in 1995, all while traveling the world with her military husband and raising her children, she has grown it into what is today, Dawna Writes… And You Sound Brilliant! Helping companies push their marketing efforts to the next level with crisp, compelling copy… making them stand out from their competitors.

Dawna was personally trained by Clayton Makepeace and named one of his Video Sales Letter Specialists, is one of Carline Anglade-Cole’s Copywriting Superstars and received the Rising Star for Entrepreneurial Excellence by Business Women’s Network.

While her accolades are many, it’s Dawna’s personal work with Self-Help and Personal Development Entrepreneurs and Coaches that drives her success. “It’s so exciting when I see one of my client’s dreams come true, their business take off and see them grow in ways beyond their imagination,” she shares.

Dawna provides her clients transformational copy and content, creates successful video sales letters, consults on their marketing strategy as well as giving success advice to her clients around the world via her copywriting business.


Alrighty, here’s the info on me:

Yes, I’m British.

Now that, that is out in the open I made the decision to work for Dawna after we literally bumped into each other in a furniture store.

I know, I know… how does bumping into each other get to working with each other?  Well…turns out, after we apologized to each other, we got to chatting and Dawna needed a VA and how I was looking to be a VA. Well, the rest you can figure out.

That was eight years ago and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I believe Dawna’s time is better spent on doing what she loves and as her Brit VA, I am here to handle the rest. I get to be her gatekeeper and keep My Lady writing and not bogged down in the day to day of running her business.

Now you know a little bit about me so… when you call or email you can put a face to my funny voice. And understand why I write the way I do – It’s COLOUR not COLOR!… it’s CENTRE not CENTER!… it’s ORGANISE not ORGANIZE! (at least where I hail from!).

Hope I haven’t left you gobsmacked. Screenshot 2015-01-24 22.48.18