You hired a Pro… Now help her!

You thought you could write your website copy yourself. Then you realized hiring a professional copywriter would give you the results you want.

You’ve checked out portfolios and selected the person with the skills to match your needs. You sent her what you wrote… you’re ready to get your copy… but guess what?

Your job isn’t quite done yet.  

To get the best from your copywriter, you’ll need to give her a bit more help.

Provide Information.

She’s a professional copywriter and knows her craft. She’ll put together clever sentences, use words like magic and ensure prospects line up to buy your product. But, she needs to know a lot more about your business.

Provide her useful information, verbal or written, so she can put your message together in a compelling fashion.

The Big Picture.

Let her know about your marketing plans. You want your website, e-zine, email, social media etc. to have the same message. She needs to understand you marketing strategy before she touches her keyboard.

Realistic Deadlines.

Create a timeline for each step of the project. Providing your copywriter with deadlines also sets time goals for yourself.  For example, the date you give for first draft copy should set a goal date for your review completion.

Make sure enough time is provided for each step. This ensures the best end result.

A Quote for Every Project.

Working with your copywriter, list out, in detail, what each project will entail and get a price. This way, both parties know what is to be done and both approve the work before it starts.

Let Her Do Her Job.

She’s a skilled professional, don’t micro-manage. Let her work her magic to bring the text alive with your message.

Revisions? Of course.

She’s not a mind reader. She’ll write a draft based on what you’ve told or given her to work with. Some tweaking may be required. Give constructive, not angry feedback, and then let her make the changes.

Proofread the Final Product.

She should provide a perfect final draft, but mistakes happen. And keep in mind, what may be a wording choice for her, seems wrong to you. Just ask.

It’s your responsibility to proofread the text for typos, punctuation and grammar… another set of eyes never hurts.

Be Nice.

Treat your copywriter like a partner, you’ll both gain. She wants the finished product to meet your needs and will work hard to get there. It’s better to work together and meet your goals.



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